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Photo of the Space Needle in black and white

Hi there!

I’m Colton (he/him). Some would call me a space-obsessed, red wine-loving, avid em dash (—) using human, but I would describe myself as a passionate individual fueled by a love for innovative and thoughtful design. I understand the significance of functional design in spaces & work to connect people to place. I also really love red wine.

Currently based in Seattle, WA, I love to spend my downtime reading, exploring my city, getting into nature (i.e. lounging in parks), vintage shopping, and enjoying warm evenings with friends.

In Short...

Typography, Wayfinding,
Strategy, Information & Layout Design, & Branding.

I am proficient in
Experienced in
Learning to use
I currently work at

HOK as an Experiential Designer.

I graduated from

Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Visualization (and a focus in Graphic Design).

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