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Expedia Group Campus


Feb 2019 – Jun 2021


Seattle, WA

Project Scope

Strategy, Wayfinding, Environmental Graphics



I contributed to the development of a comprehensive wayfinding system for the new Expedia Group campus on the Seattle waterfront. The design approach for the campus was inspired by city wayfinding systems, with nomenclature and signage reminiscent of a city.

As a part of the team, I helped create the overall wayfinding strategy and designed numerous large wall graphics that serve as landmarks in the space. When designing distinct graphics for each parking garage level specifically, I used different modes of transit as the main inspiration point. One garage was located near the train tracks, while the other was on the waterfront by the ship docks. Each level was named after continents and oceans, respectively, with graphics that pinpointed major transit stations and ports in each region, as well as visualizing major train and shipping routes between those destinations.

My work helped create a cohesive and intuitive wayfinding system that enhances the campus experience for employees and visitors alike.

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