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Jul 2020 – Feb 2022


Malibu, CA

Project Scope




I had the pleasure of developing the identity for LOSMP, a Southern California-based law office that specializes in assisting tech start-ups and innovative businesses. My role involved creating a unique concept and executing it across various collateral, which was later incorporated into their website.

To differentiate LOSMP from other standard law office brands, the challenge was to create a professional yet distinct brand identity. A modern interpretation of a classic typeface, along with bold and warm colors, was used to push the boundaries and appeal to their target audience of forward-thinking small businesses.

The logo mark was designed to provide balance and centralize the type, just as LOSMP serves as a central piece in helping their clients start and grow their businesses. The end result is a visually cohesive identity that effectively represents the innovative and professional nature of LOSMP.

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